Dennis Del Valle, a professional volleyball player, announced in an interview that he's gay.

The 31-year-old Puerto Rican athlete currently plays for the Swiss international squad.

Speaking with 24 Hueres, Del Valle said that he hopes his coming out will inspire other queer athletes to do the same.

“Now is the time to speak up,” he said. “There must be lots of young athletes who live in secret, in Switzerland and elsewhere. On my level, I've had a successful career being gay.”

“I hope they will say to themselves, 'Why not me?' Maybe I could change someone's life. Me speaking out could allow someone to gain confidence, to feel safer, to not stop playing sport for fear of rejection.”

Del Valle said that he kept closeted because he worried being out would “break the chemistry of the team.”

“[Teammates] might fixate on my homosexuality,” he said, adding that he's there to work “not watch guys or flirt.”