Forty-seven congressional Democrats have called on the Trump administration to include LGBT people in its efforts to assist with the coronavirus pandemic in other nations.

Nevada Representative Dina Titus and Massachusetts Senator Edward Markey are leading the effort.

The lawmakers made their case in a letter released Thursday, the Washington Blade reported.

The United State's international response to the coronavirus crisis “will be seen as a test of our country's commitment to the protection of human rights and American values of fairness and equality,” the lawmakers wrote.

The lawmakers called on the administration to “intervene at senior levels with governments that are using the COVID-19 crisis to persecute or discriminate against LGBTQI and other marginalized communities.”

The letter also highlighted other forms of discrimination affecting LGBT communities. One example given was gender-based COVID-19 lockdowns – only men or women may leave the home on certain days – in Panama and Colombia that have resulted in the arrest and harassment of people who identify as transgender or gender non-conforming.

LGBT people should not be excluded from health services provided by the United States in other countries, the lawmakers wrote.

“LGBTQI people and other vulnerable populations face stigma and discrimination in obtaining healthcare services, especially in countries where same-sex sexual conduct or non-normative gender expression is criminalized,” the letter states. “This hinders access to lifesaving healthcare services and puts their lives at even greater risk during this pandemic.”

The letter is addressed to the Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development.