In a recent interview, actor Brian J. Smith talked about his coming out last fall on the cover of UK LGBT glossy Attitude.

The 38-year-old Smith is best known for playing Will Gorski on Netflix's Sense8.

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Smith spoke from Berlin with drag queen Pixie Aventura on her Logo Live Mondays Are a Drag show on Instagram.

“We became a really close family unit,” he said of working on Sense8. “It was the most special experience I ever had.”

Smith was filming The Matrix 4 in Germany when the coronavirus pandemic hit. He said that he was offered a flight back to New York City but decided to stay in Berlin.

“We had maybe two weeks of fight rehearsals, and then the shit hit the fan,” Smith said, adding that the studio “technically fired everyone.”

On his coming out, Smith said that he saw the Attitude story as a perfect vehicle to discuss his sexuality.

“It wasn’t that I was hiding, and it wasn’t that I was ashamed of being gay,” Smith said. “It wasn’t that I was worried that it would have an impact on my career. … I was never that kind of actor that had that kind of career, that was wrapped around people being interested in my personal life. … And I kind of had a ’come to Jesus’ moment where [Attitude] called and were like, ’Do you want to do this cover piece?’ I was like, ’Okay.’ This was the perfect way to do it.”

“I’m really glad I did,” he added.