In a recent interview from her basement office, out comedian Wanda Sykes suggested President Donald Trump was to blame for a botched response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Sykes, her wife Alex Sykes, and their two children, Olivia Lou and Lucas Claude, both 10, are sheltering in place in their California home.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Sykes said that she was envious of people who were bored at home.

“I'm tired. I'm just tired. I don't know where the day goes,” Sykes said. “I get pissed when I see these people taking up hobbies and learning another language and reading books. I'm like, where do you find the time?! (Laughs.) I've been working from home, so it's a lot of meetings, our writers room for this Netflix show, The Upshaws, wrapped last Friday, [April 17,] and then the kids take up so much of your time. And then it's, 'Oh, I guess we have to eat. Let me open up the cafeteria.' The majority of my time now is the cafeteria lady, the janitor and the hall monitor. It's crazy. By the time they go to bed, Alex and I sit down to watch something and we barely make it through an episode of anything. We both fall asleep.”

Sykes said that Netflix shut down within a half-hour of her and Regina Hicks, showrunner on The Upshaws, discussing their concerns about the pandemic with executives.

“So, they made the call and they've been great with the communication and helping out the crew. It's been really great on that front. But the writers were able to continue to write, and that was a saving grace because I didn't just sit here all day and wonder what the death count is and have I washed my hands enough,” Sykes said.

When asked whether she would talk about the pandemic when she returns to stand-up, Sykes said she would, but would have to find “that sweet spot.”

“I'm definitely going to talk about it when I get back onstage. But I think it's going to be tricky finding that sweet spot where it's personal yet relatable, but also I don't want to be this angry comic onstage yelling about Trump,” she said.

“Look, I knew he was going to be bad but I never knew he would be this bad. Never. So, I guess it's finding that area where we can laugh at it without just getting angry and it's all, 'Fuck him. Fuck him.' It has to be funny. I have to find the joke in it. And right now, we're too close … too deep into it to step back to see what's funny about it.”