ABC sitcom Modern Family ended its 11-season run with a possible spinoff for its gay couple.

In the show, Eric Stonestreet played Cameron Tucker and out actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson played Mitchell Pritchett.

Modern Family premiered in 2009, six years before the Supreme Court ruled that gay and lesbian couples have a constitutional right to marry.

In its first episode, Mitch and Cam welcomed their adoptive daughter Lily. The show ended with the couple – who married during the show's fifth season – realizing their dream of having another child with the adoption of their newborn son.

The show ends with lots of hugs as the couple heads off to Missouri, where Cam has been offered his dream coaching job.

Speaking with Deadline, co-creators Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan said that a Mitch and Cam spinoff is being discussed.

Levitan said that he's not personally thinking about a spinoff but added that “there are a couple of writers who are thinking about well, is there a Mitch and Cam spinoff, but they're literally just thinking about it.”

“I’m not driving this but I’m a huge fan of Jesse and Eric, and those characters are of course near and dear to me, and I certainly think that they’re strong enough to carry a show,” he said.

Lloyd gave a similar answer.

“Will that happen? I’m not sure but we would be probably dumb to not explore it. However, doing a spinoff is fraught in a lot of ways and we won’t do it unless we feel confident there’s something there, I don’t want to say it’s a long shot, it’s under discussion but we’ll see. We don’t want to jump into something like that, particularly because Modern Family is a tough act to follow, but that is a possibility,” Lloyd said.

When asked about his favorite episodes, Mitch and Cam's wedding was among those Lloyd mentioned.

“The Mitch and Cam wedding episode was nice for us because we saw a nice moment where Jay (played by Ed O'Neill) rose to the occasion and walked Mitchell down the aisle,” Lloyd said. “It was nice for cultural reasons, that we saw gay marriage on television.”