Reality star Colton Underwood has said that appearing on reality television confirmed to him that he's not gay.

Underwood was a contestant on the 14th season of The Bachelorette and the titular bachelor on the 23rd season of The Bachelor.

He is currently promoting his new book, The First Time, in which he discusses struggling with his sexuality as a teenager and young adult.

In several interviews, Underwood has said that growing up he was bullied into believing that he might be gay.

“It was one of those things where you hear something so often, you start believing it. I thought, maybe I am gay. The captain of the football team should be having sex and drinking, right? But I wasn't,” he said.

In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Underwood suggested that he was still struggling with his sexuality when he appeared on The Bachelorette in 2018 at age 25.

“What did the shows teach you about your sexuality?” Underwood was asked.

“I mean, obviously that I'm straight and that I'm very, very attracted to Cassie and women, but it would have been okay if I was the other way, too,” he said, referring to girlfriend Cassie Randolph from The Bachelor.

Underwood recently announced on social media that he tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) and urged other young people to take the virus seriously and practice social distancing.