In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, out actor Billy Porter criticized President Donald Trump's slow response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Porter won an Emmy for playing Pray Tell on FX's Pose.

With the crisis shutting down production of Pose's third season, Porter has been quarantined with husband Adam Smith in New York City.

Porter told The Hollywood Reporter that he was using his downtime to “recalibrate and really reset.”

“For me, these last couple of years have been work, work, work, and there are no complaints about that, but I do have to say that simply having time to spend with my husband and my family, virtually or otherwise, is an amazing thing. And so I’m getting a lot of inspiration from that,” Porter said.

He added that he's working on a memoir, a pilot and new music. (Porter has released four studio albums.)

When asked what he's learned about himself during this period, Porter answered: “I need to figure out and hold onto how to [practice] self-care. There’s been a lot of understanding of what that means during this period for me and I would really love to build on that and hold onto it.”

“What does that look like for you?” the interviewer asked.

“Really, my writing. Literally being able to create with my mind free – and yes, there’s concern about the virus and worry about all of that, but to not have a million things to do during the day and trying to carve out space for that is what self-care looks like for me. And I’ve been working out with my husband three times a week. I’m getting back into yoga. I’m investigating my spirituality – like, what does that look like now at 50. Me and my husband both have been investigating Buddhism, for instance, and that’s not something I ever really paid attention to. So, that’s a bit of what it looks like. And reconnecting with people via this online Zoom thing. I was on the phone with 12 of my nearest and dearest for two hours two days ago. We haven’t done that, maybe, ever. That’s the silver lining for me. A friend of mine had a birthday yesterday, it was a Zoom birthday, and we just had a good old time.”

Porter also praised New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's response to the crisis.

“He's really been a fine, fine leader – the leader that we need in this time,” he said. “Many of the governors are picking up that slack because our current administration just doesn't have it. They don't have the skill set to be the leaders that we need them to be. And I hope everybody remembers this shit in November.”