The Rev. Ralph Drollinger has blamed gay men and lesbians for the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Drollinger leads a weekly bible study group for members of President Donald Trump's Cabinet.

In a blog post titled “Is God Judging America Today?” Drollinger blamed the LGBT community and other groups, including people with “depraved minds,” environmentalists and atheists, for bringing about “God's wrath.”

Attendees to Drollinger's weekly meeting include people who serve on the president's COVID-19 task force.

In an email to NBC News, Drollinger said that his blog post had been misinterpreted. He explained that he does not “believe that homosexuality played any role whatsoever in the coronavirus.”

He said that the virus is a sowing and reaping wrath and that homosexuality causes an abandonment wrath. In his blog post, Drollinger lists “five forms of God's judgment.”

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation's largest LGBT rights advocate, criticized Drollinger's comments.

“At a moment where we need to pull together by recognizing our shared humanity and mutual dependence, there are some of low moral character who see it as an opportunity to continue to try to divide us,” said HRC President Alphonso David.

As late as 2018, Drollinger described allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry as “a path toward extinction.”