In an op-ed published this week, gay marriage foe Frank Schubert claimed that children of same-sex couples are poorly positioned to handle the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

Schubert ran California's 2008 Proposition 8 campaign, which overturned a state Supreme Court ruling legalizing marriage for gay and lesbian couples. He went on to lead ballot fights in other states, including Maine, North Carolina, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington state.

Schubert writes that the children of married heterosexual couples are “better positioned to handle the [coronavirus] crisis” than those of same-sex couples, single parents, and cohabitating couples.

“As people shelter in place or practice the new art of 'social distancing,' many are rediscovering the universal lived experience that families with children anchored by marriage are better positioned to handle the crisis,” Schubert wrote.

Schubert argues that men and women are “made for each other, body and soul, equal in every way.”

“Men and women are not the same, they bring different strengths and approaches to everyday life, including to the care of children. This will be useful and beneficial for children, now during the crisis and later when it subsides.”

Schubert goes on to claim that an “overwhelming body of evidence collected by social scientists demonstrates that children raised in a family with their married mother and father are much more likely to enjoy good and healthy relationships with their parents, and with others.”

Such claims have previously not held up under scrutiny.

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Writing at, guest contributor Jeremy Hooper, who covered marriage equality as it made its way from Hawaii to Massachusetts to the Supreme Court, responded to Schubert's assertions.

“At a time when most cannot even think of politics as usual because we are too focused on returning life to normal, this man who has already done such unspeakable harm against LGBTQ families is adding further insult to his injuries by mocking families that don't look the way he believes they should. Gross,” he wrote.