The winner of the culinary competition MasterChef Italia proposed to his boyfriend after being crowned the show's ninth season champ.

Antonio Lorenzon, a 43-year-old art director from Bassano del Grappa, called everyone's attention to make a special announcement as the credits began to roll on the season.

He said that he wanted to thank the person who encouraged his culinary dreams.

As the contestants, their families and the judges gathered to hear what Lorenzon had to say, they quickly realized that this was a proposal.

Lorenzon produced a ring, got down on one knee and asked Daniel, “Will you marry me?” as the crowd cheered him on.

Lorenzon slipped the ring on his boyfriend and the couple shared a hug.

MasterChef Italia winners receive 100,000 Euros and the chance to publish their own cookbook.

Since 2016, gay and lesbian couples have been recognized in Italy with civil unions.