GLAAD has warned that President Donald Trump's support for a gay Bollywood film isn't what it seems.

On Friday, as the president prepared to visit India, he retweeted a message from LGBT activist Peter Tatchell praising “a new #Bollywood rom-com featuring a gay romance.”

“Great!” Trump added to the tweet.

In a blog post, GLAAD asked readers not to “fall for POTUS's 'support.'”

“The Trump campaign might sell rainbow tee shirts, but it's an empty gesture with no policy backing. This one-word celebration of a movie is just more of the same,” the group said.

“But what [is it] mostly? Pandering. After more than three years of attempting to ban transgender people from the military, standing against multiple Supreme Court cases that would secure LGBTQ protections, opposing the Equality Act, reversing Obama era policies that expanded freedoms, pushing for anti-LGBTQ 'religious freedom' protections, and buddying up with some of the LGBTQ community's most ardent opponents, Team Trump wants some little thing they can grab onto so that casual backers can claim support in everyday conversations.”

“It is exactly why we must be extra vigilant about showing the truth. The president's supporters are going to whip out rainbow-hued gaslights and try to dupe you into believing what you've heard about their guy is all 'fake news,' and that he's actually a covert ally. Don't buy it, and make sure no one you know buys it either!”

“GLAAD's Trump Accountability Project has arduously tracked 136 attacks in the past 1130 days, and there will surely be more between now and election day. A tweeted 'Great!' does not absolve such a dense record,” the group added.