A Christian conservative has attacked presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg's sexuality.

The attack comes after Buttigieg's strong showings in Iowa and New Hampshire.

In an op-ed published in Charisma News, a website associated with the Christian magazine Charisma, Bert Farias criticizes people for celebrating Buttigieg's relationship with his husband.

“When millions of Americans applaud Pete Buttigieg and his 'husband,' it is the death rattle of a nation,” Farias wrote. “When the never-Trump-ers and the Trump-haters counteract with judgment and accusations of adultery against our own president, in response to Buttigieg's abominable lifestyle, they are grasping for straws in a last gasp of air of a downing argument.”

(It should be noted that President Donald Trump's adulterous behavior made headlines years before Buttigieg came on the national scene.)

"In fact, when those who practice such things that are 'deserving of death' also approve of others who practice them (Rom. 1:32), it is one of God's final signs of His wrath on a society.”

"This is a description of gay activism and constantly pushing for its normalcy and marginalizing those who disapprove. This is present-day America. How far we've fallen."

“Buttigieg will also do his best to marginalize those who are convinced that these relationships are contrary to the will of God,” Farias added, though Buttigieg has repeatedly spoken about his faith as it relates to his sexuality, saying that being married has “moved [him] closer to God.”

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