A bill in South Dakota that sought to criminalize providing transition-related care to transgender youth has died in committee.

The bill, House Bill 1057, had previously cleared the South Dakota House.

According to Sioux Falls-based KELO-TV, the Senate Health and Human Services Committee killed the bill on Monday with a 5-2 vote after hearing emotional testimony from both proponents and opponents of the bill during a packed hearing.

The proposed legislation sought to prohibit puberty blockers and gender reassignment surgery to minors. Health care professionals who provided the care faced one year in prison and a fine of up to $2,000.

The ACLU of South Dakota and the Transformation Project had led the charge against the bill.

“It's time we stop these attacks and the very real harm they cause to transgender youth across our state,” the ACLU's Libby Skarin said. “Let this be a signal to the South Dakota Legislature that discrimination against a marginalized group is a distraction from the needs of the state and hurts us all.”

Outside the capitol building, about 20 people chanting “trans rights are human rights” protested the bill before the hearing.