Christian conservative Franklin Graham has said that he will sue venues in the UK after they canceled on his upcoming tour.

Graham, a vocal opponent of LGBT rights and strong supporter of President Donald Trump, is organizing a June preaching tour in the UK.

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LGBT activists called on the venues to cancel and, according to UK LGBT blog PinkNews, all of them have pulled out.

“[E]very single venue booked for the eight-date tour has now canceled, after being made aware of (Graham's) extreme anti-LGBT views,” the outlet reported.

Northern Pride was among the groups calling for the venues to withdraw.

“We believe an event of this kind with anti-LGBT+ rhetoric has no place in a tolerant and accepting city like Newcastle, which is gearing up to welcome tens of thousands of people for UK Pride this summer,” the group said in a statement.

Graham, son of the late preacher Billy Graham, tweeted that the tour will take place and a spokesperson said that the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association will pursue legal action against the venues.

“Since the original venues have broken our legal contract with them, we are pursuing appropriate actions based on grounds of religious discrimination and freedom of speech,” a spokesperson told CBN.

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