In an interview with UK LGBT glossy Attitude, Kesha talks about her sexuality.

Kesha, who is currently promoting her fourth studio album, High Road, which includes the single “Kinky,” said that she and her long-term boyfriend Brad Ashenfelter have a flexible arrangement.

“I never hid [my bisexuality] from anybody. I never had a moment of feeling I had to come out about it. It was always there,” Kesha said. “I think I had a conversation with a gay magazine in the US and they just asked me, ‘Oh, are you bisexual?’ and I was like, ‘Obviously.'”

“You’ll learn more about my feelings about this on a song called 'Kinky' but I have always been attracted to the soul behind a person’s eyes. It has never occurred to me to care about a specific gender, or how someone is identifying, to make me wonder about whether or not I’m attracted to them. I’m attracted to a beautiful person on the inside and that’s that.”

“My boyfriend knows that. We’ve had long conversations about it and he’s fine with [it],” she added. “He’s a sweetheart but he also lets me be me. You know, I’ll call him and be like, ‘I had fun tonight, I met a sweet girl and we had a really good time. And he'll say: 'Cool babe. I love you.'”