A Republican lawmaker in South Dakota has introduced a bill that could wipe out LGBT rights gains in the state.

According to Sioux Falls' CBS News affiliate KELO, Representative Tony Randolph's bill would “prohibit the state from enforcing, endorsing or favoring policies that cover a range of activities that involve members of the LGTBQ community.”

The bill seeks to prohibit same-sex marriage, roll back local laws that prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity and block gay and lesbian couples from receiving state benefits. The bill also would allow therapies that attempt to alter the sexual orientation or gender identity of people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

The ACLU of South Dakota criticized the bill in a statement.

“Marriage equality is the law of the land in South Dakota and the entire nation, no matter what half-baked legal theories anti-LGBTQ lawmakers try to put forward,” said Libby Skarin, the policy director for the ACLU of South Dakota. “This bill is further proof that some South Dakota legislators remain committed to discriminating against LGBTQ people and their families. South Dakota lawmakers cannot defy the U.S. Supreme Court based on their extreme personal views.”