The presidential campaign of former Mayor Mike Bloomberg on Tuesday released an ad featuring Bloomberg eating Big Gay Ice Cream.

Big Gay Ice Cream is an ice cream chain with six locations in New York City and Philadelphia that started in a truck.

In the 10-second video clip, Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City, asks, “Where's my ice cream?”

A cup of ice cream is handed to the mayor and he awkwardly dives in.

“Mmm. Big Gay Ice Cream is the best!” he says into the camera.

Fox News called the ad “baffling,” while the New York Daily News said it was “bizarre.”

Big Gay Ice Cream combines LGBT activism, campy fun, and frozen treats.

Doug Quint and Bryan Petroff launched their truck at Brooklyn's annual gay pride festival in 2009.

“I think the political issues that the truck inspires are partly a matter of timing,” Quint told On Top Magazine at the time. “It came at the right moment. This has brought a new dimension to the project and I welcome it.”