New York Governor David Paterson has renewed his call for lawmakers to approve a gay marriage bill.

Speaking Thursday at a gay rights fundraiser, Paterson said he would put the issue on the agenda for a special session within weeks.

“We will also address some unfinished business from earlier in the year,” Paterson told attendees to the Empire State Pride Agenda's Fall Dinner. “And when we do, on the first calendar that is written, marriage equality will be on the calendar.”

As governor, Paterson sets the agenda for a special session. However, he cannot force lawmakers to take action.

Openly gay Senator Tom Duane, a Democrat from New York City and sponsor of the measure in the Senate, has said he believes the measure has the votes to pass in the Senate.

The New York Assembly has already voted in favor of the bill. Democratic leaders in the Senate, however, have resisted putting the measure up for a vote, saying it would probably fail.

But Senate President Malcolm Smith was sounding more in favor of doing so Thursday.

“There are obviously still challenges with the votes, but you've got to bring it forward and let it happen, one way or another,” Smith said.

Whether the measure passes or fails, gay marriage advocates say they want a vote to put senators on record.

"We believe that 62 people in the New York State Senate should say whether they support equality or don't support equality, and if they do, we will celebrate. If we don't, then we will know what work as a community we have to do in 2010," Alan Van Capelle, executive director of Empire State Pride Agenda, told local ABC affiliate WABC.