The presidential campaign of Pete Buttigieg canceled a fundraiser at a gay nightclub in Providence, Rhode Island reportedly over a dancer pole the club owners refused to remove, angering male pole dancers.

Instead of holding the fundraiser at the Dark Lady, the campaign held the event at a nearby hotel.

Buck Asprinio, general manager at the Dark Lady, told local media that the event was canceled after the Buttigieg campaign asked for the pole to be removed and the owners refused.

“[The pole is] not going anywhere,” Asprinio said, adding that it is “part of who we are.”

“If you want to dance on a pole, we're the place to be,” he said.

Asprinio said that the campaign was aware that the space included a pole prior to the event. A campaign spokesperson didn't dispute Asprinio's claim.

Asprinio added that the campaign offered to compensate the club $400 for the last-minute cancellation but that he had lost over $1,000.

According to the Washington Blade, other high-profile elected officials have held events at the Dark Lady, including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former congressman Barney Frank, who is gay.

Phillip Deal, the founder of Mr. Pole Dance America, told the Blade that if Buttigieg wants the gay vote, he needs to embrace gay culture.

“If Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders were invited to visit the Dark Lady, I don’t think either one would bat an eye about it,” Deal said. “This points to a bigger issue in the LGBT community, which is young gay people don’t know our history and that’s a serious problem. LGBTQ people died for the right to walk into a bar, dance, and hold hands with their lovers without having to fear police brutality. If Pete Buttigieg does not want to embrace our glorious gay culture, he doesn’t need the gay vote.”

Buttigieg was elected to a recently-ended second term as mayor of South Bend, Indiana after announcing he is gay.