During a recent appearance on Larry King Now, Tia Carrere talked about how AJ and the Queen is challenging LGBT stereotypes.

Netflix's AJ and the Queen stars RuPaul as Ruby Red, a fabulous New York City drag queen who is duped out of her life savings as she prepares to go on tour. AJ, a troubled 10-year-old, stows away on Ruby Red's camper as she heads off to the Midwest. The pair are being chased by Lady Danger (played by Carrere), who is angry that Ruby Red has exposed her lucrative scam of giving drag queens fake cosmetic procedures.

“The show celebrates queer culture, right?” King asked.

“Yes. Absolutely,” Carrere answered. “I mean, maybe ten years ago we wouldn't of had a show with RuPaul heading up a series. You know, Will & Grace and Ellen were the first shows to sort of come out of the closet. But still it was very taboo. … And now it's celebrating gay, LGBTQ culture.”

“And I think that's great. It makes great strides for everybody in between who doesn't fit into the box,” she added.

“Is there a message to the show or is it just a show?”

“No. There is definitely a message. And I think it's family is where you find it. And it's sometimes not our biological family. That we can surround ourselves with like-minded people that can love us for who we are.”

“It's a show that celebrates people that you don't usually meet in your circle,” Carrere added.