The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has criticized a series of new rules and guidance memos announced Thursday by the Trump administration that ease restrictions on religious groups that receive taxpayer money.

President Donald Trump announced the new rules as part of recognizing January 16 as Religious Freedom Day.

The nation's largest LGBT rights advocate said that the rules would undermine LGBT rights.

“Today’s new regulations proposed by the Trump-Pence White House roll back existing protections for LGBTQ and other people seeking government services and benefits,” HRC President Alphonso David said in a statement. “The right to believe and to exercise one’s faith is a core American value. The right to discriminate with taxpayer dollars is not. These regulations would dismantle meaningful protections for beneficiaries of these federally funded programs and strip away basic notice requirements designed to ensure that beneficiaries know their rights to be free from discrimination and their right to an alternative, non-religious provider. Taxpayer funds should not be used to allow discrimination.”

CNBC reported that almost a dozen federal agencies have proposed changes meant to ease restrictions established by the Obama administration on religious organizations, including schools and churches.

A proposed change from the Office of Management and Budget would prohibit government agencies from making religion a determining factor in awarding federal grants.

A Trump administration official told BuzzFeed News that rules established by former President Barack Obama's administration created an uneven playing field between secular and religious groups, with religious groups shouldering a larger “burden.”

HRC said that the announcement was “the latest effort in a three-year campaign by the Trump-Pence administration to sanction discrimination against LGBTQ people under the guise of religion.”