During a recent interview, Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg talked about how his marriage to Chasten Buttigieg has centered his life.

The former mayor of South Bend, Indiana appeared on Fox 11 Los Angeles' The Issue Is:.

When asked about his 2018 marriage to Chasten, Buttigieg said that he couldn't imagine running for president without his husband.

“When I was a young bachelor mayor, I couldn't imagine how people could be in elected office and married at the same time,” Buttigieg said. “Now that I'm married and running for president, I can't imagine how I could possibly do this without Chasten.”

“When we were deciding whether to do this, in the end he said, you know, I support this as long as you can promise, as we promise each other two things. That we'll always be ourselves, true to our values and who we are, and that we'll find a way to have some fun along the way.”

“Those two promises have been so important and we work every day to keep true to them,” he added.

Chasten Buttigieg has helped raised millions of dollars for his husband's campaign.