More than a thousand people showed up Sunday night to mourn the loss of Christopher Skinner, a twenty-seven-year-old gay Toronto man killed in a brutal hit-and-run last weekend.

The candlelight vigil came a day after police held a press conference to screen video clips taken on the night Skinner died.

Skinner was killed during an altercation Sunday, October 18 after his assaulters ran him over with a black-colored SUV. The men attacked Skinner as he walked home alone along Adelaide Street. They knocked him to the ground, then returned to the vehicle and the driver ran him over. He was rushed to the hospital, but died while in surgery. Police believe as many as 4 men were involved in the crime. Eyewitnesses say the driver was wearing a tight black-colored tank top and a short “military style” haircut.

Detectives released three videos on Saturday. One shows Skinner unsuccessfully hailing a cab at about 2:30AM, the second, shot 15 minutes later, shows him interacting with a cell phone or MP3 player. The SUV in question is clearly shown in the third video clip.

Police say Skinner could have been hailing a cab when the SUV rolled by.

“We believe Mr. Skinner was still attempting to hail a cab and he may have intentionally or unintentionally struck the suspect vehicle with his hand or a part of his body,” Detective Stacy Gallant said. “Maybe he walked out into the middle of the roadway and caused this [SUV] to slow down, and they took offense to that.”

Friends say Skinner was not one to create trouble and continue to believe he might have been attacked because of his sexual orientation. “I find that Toronto police very rarely jump to the conclusion that homophobia exists,” long-time friend Craig Lund told gay weekly

At Sunday's vigil, people showed up waving rainbow flags to show solidarity. The flags could also symbolize that many believe Skinner was killed because he was gay.