A woman in California allegedly threatened to kill nuns at a private, Catholic all-girls high school in the District of Columbia after the school announced it would include information about same-sex weddings in its alumnae magazine.

According to NBC Washington, Sonia Tabizada made two threatening phone calls to the school two days after it announced the change in May.

Federal prosecutors have charged Tabizada with making a bomb threat against Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School. She pleaded not guilty on January 3.

Tabizada called gay people “sinners” and threatened to burn and bomb the church in her first voice mail left on May 15. In a second phone call about a minute later, she allegedly said: “I'm gonna fucking blow up the school and call it a mission from God.”

A school representative said that Tabizada is not a graduate of the school.

Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School is owned and operated by the Roman Catholic Church.