Netflix's LGBT-inclusive Heartstrings is an anthology series inspired by Dolly Parton's hit songs.

Each hour-long episode is titled and themed after a Parton song.

Parton, a vocal supporter of LGBT rights, introduces each episode.

In “Two Doors Down,” Parton explains how she wrote the song and encourages viewers to “accept the love of the people around you” and that “what it all comes down to is love.”

The episode takes place in a small Southern town where the Meegers family has gathered to celebrate a wedding. The bride's brother Ty (played by Andy Mientus) is closeted and dating Cole (Michael J. Willett), the wedding planner. By the end of the nuptial weekend, the couple's relationship is revealed to Ty's parents with mixed results. The episode also includes a non-binary teen played by Aidan Langford.

In “Cracker Jack,” Tammy Lynn Michaels plays a lesbian who has recently become wealthy with the sale of her jewelry business.

Speaking with LGBT blog NewNowNext, Mark B. Perry, who wrote “Two Doors Down,” said that Parton had asked for the LGBT inclusion.

“I was told that Dolly herself wanted to do an LGBTQ-inclusive episode based on the fact that she has such a universal appeal,” he said.