In an interview with UK LGBT glossy Attitude, author Armistead Maupin suggested that actor Kevin Spacey had yet to figure out who he is.

Spacey was in the news this week after he released a Christmas Eve video in which he hauntingly says a person can “kill [their enemies] with kindness.”

Spacey announced for the first time publicly that he is gay after Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp accused him of sexual misconduct when the two actors were working on Broadway and Rapp was 14. A flood of accusations followed, which resulted in Spacey's firing from the Netflix drama House of Cards.

“You have to get over your own homophobia or you can’t move anywhere,” Maupin told Attitude. “That’s my argument for coming out of the closet as quickly and cleanly as possible. Some people have to do it in their own time and that’s fine. But I’m here to tell them that things will blossom if you really try to be yourself.”

“Sorry, I’m deciding whether to pick on Kevin Spacey,” he said after a pause. “I won’t. But there are plenty who don’t ever figure it out.”

Maupin was also asked whether President Donald Trump's election fed into his recent decision to move to Britain.

“It didn’t hurt, I’ll tell ‘ya that!” he said. “Our country is so deeply fucked up. Donald Trump didn’t create this monstrosity, we created it – by building a culture that didn’t respect true American values, that had no inherent decency.”

Netflix earlier this year released its revival of Maupin's Tales of the City. Maupin said that he's “open” to doing another installment of the series with Netflix.