Bogota, Colombia Mayor-elect Claudia López has married her longtime girlfriend.

López was elected in October, becoming the city's first female and openly lesbian mayor. She takes office in January.

López posted photos on social media of her wedding to Angelica Lozano, according to The Guardian.

“On my way to the happiest moment of my life!” Lopez said in tweeting photos of the brides dressed in white pantsuits. “I love you my divine Angelina! Thank you for existing and for loving me forever. I promise I will honor you and love you for life!”

When López won in October, a picture of her passionately kissing Lozano, also a politician, in celebration of her victory made headlines.

López is also the first openly lesbian mayor of a capital city in Latin America.

Colombia is one of only a handful of Latin American countries where gay and lesbian couples can legally marry.

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