Brian Brown and Bryan Fisher are the latest Christian conservatives to criticize the Hallmark Channel's decision to reverse course on a lesbian ad.

On Sunday, Hallmark backtracked on pulling an ad from online wedding registry that showed a lesbian couple getting married and later kissing after exchanging vows.

Hallmark announced that it would pull the ad after the Christian conservative group One Million Moms criticized the network for running the ad and for saying that it was “open” to producing movies with same-sex couples.

According to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation's largest LGBT rights advocate, more than 70,000 people signed its petition calling on Hallmark to reinstate the ad.

In an email to supporters, Brown, the president of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), linked the controversy to the Equality Act, a bill that would extend LGBT protections nationwide.

“There are precious few family-friendly entertainment options today, so it’s a shame that parents who wish to shield their children from controversial, anti-biblical, presentations until parents themselves decide to raise these subjects with their kids can no longer trust the Hallmark Channel to respect their values,” Brown wrote.

“Still, the Hallmark Channel is a private company and they can choose to alienate a large portion of their viewership by kowtowing to the political demands of the left if they wish – and risk the resulting ratings decline that is sure to come.”

“But if pending federal legislation were to pass, this type of thing will not only become more frequent, it may even be considered 'discriminatory' not to advance the LGBT agenda,” he added.

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On his Focal Point radio program, Fisher said that Hallmark had caved to “the gay gestapo.”

“And then the gay gestapo, the bullies of the homosexual movement – and remember, their theme is ‘homosexuality uber alles,’ homosexual trumps everything – so they got a hold of Hallmark, they started getting in, getting after it, getting on Hallmark and they folded in about 48 hours. They completely collapsed,” Fischer complained. “They completely reversed. Now they are apologizing all over themselves for supporting normative sexuality.”

“Another victory for the gay gestapo,” Fischer added.