Appearing Monday on ABC's The View, actor Robert De Niro said that the nation has to go through impeaching President Donald Trump because it has a symbolic meaning, even if Trump is not removed.

De Niro appeared on the show to promote his latest film The Irishman, which is currently streaming on Netflix.

When asked about the impeachment inquiry, De Niro said that he had watched some of the hearings.

“He has to take that punishment,” De Niro said. “He has to pay the consequences.”

“He has no idea of what his purpose in life, as the president, should be. And that is to pull the country together, to be for the people, to heal wounds, not to open them up and pour salt on them. He's a low-life,” De Niro said.

“And he knows he's a low-life. He knows everything he projects about negative things on individuals, on situations, on institutions he's saying about himself. … Because he feels that about himself,” he said.

De Niro added that he would disown his children if they behaved like Trump's children.