Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy said in a new interview that he feared he would lose fans and sponsors when he came out gay.

The 28-year-old freestyle skier came out on the cover of ESPN Magazine following his silver medal win at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Four years later during the Winter Games in South Korea, Kenworthy made headlines when he kissed his then-boyfriend Matt Wilkas after a run.

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Speaking with UK LGBT glossy Attitude, Kenworthy said that he feared coming out would lead to a loss of income.

"In terms of skiing I had a pretty decent sized platform before coming out,” Kenworthy said.

"I was actually scared I was going to lose all my followers because I thought that people wouldn’t follow me because I was gay and there wasn’t anyone else in my sport so I was nervous it was going to have the opposite reaction that it ended up having.”

"But yeah, I was offered a ton of support and it was pretty incredible and I did it in a public way because I was hoping to have an impact on other people in a similar situation, people in sports, people in small towns, anyone who kind of felt they couldn’t be themselves because of the environment they were in,” he said.

“So, for like me, I was like, ’Oh I will never have that many followers, I’m never going to have that many sponsors, I will never make any money, this is the end of it but at least I will be true to myself.'”

"Literally thinking that is what it was going to be and it was just the opposite. You really sink into those dark, scary feelings. And I’m sure that’s the same for any closeted person playing football but it’s just not reality,” Kenworthy said.