In a recent interview, Jennifer Beals discussed how the upcoming return of The L Word is a response to the election of President Donald Trump.

The L Word ran for six seasons (2004-2009) on Showtime. The premium cable channel will debut the show's sequel, The L Word: Generation Q, on Sunday, December 8.

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Returning for the new series are Beals, Katherine Moennig, and Leisha Hailey, who will appear as their original characters.

New cast members include Arienne Mandi, who plays a public relations representative; Leo Sheng, who plays a transgender man and social worker; and Jacqueline Toboni, who plays a religious woman struggling with her sexuality.

Speaking with Michigan LGBT alternative PrideSource, Beals said that the new show was a response to Trump's election.

“In 2004, Bush was president and there were no comprehensive legal protections covering gender or sexual orientation, and there aren’t now either,” Beals said. “But then there was The L Word that challenged this heterocentrist view of the world, which was exciting.”

“And now here we are in 2019 with an administration that, from the moment they took office, was attacking the LGBTQ community. It was an assault. And as the returns were coming in in 2015, [The L Word co-creator] Ilene [Chaiken] and I were texting one another, trying to figure out what we can do. And on November 18, we got together and dedicated ourselves to bringing The L Word back, because we knew at that point visibility would be even more important. Because when you’re under attack, visibility, while it’s not everything, brings a certain amount of agency and a certain amount of community and can also help shift paradigms in terms of the parasocial interaction, so we knew it would be important.”

“I think somebody called it 'the discrimination administration,'” she added.

Beals also said that she had no reservations about playing a lesbian and was grateful for being part of “a great love story.”