As part of the Trump administration's new HIV initiative, the government plans to offer free PrEP to people who are uninsured.

On Sunday, World AIDS Day, President Donald Trump promised to “eradicate AIDS in 10 years.” The president said that his Ending the HIV Epidemic: A Plan for America initiative would “save the lives of individuals living with HIV by focusing on the cities and states most impacted by the disease.”

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On Tuesday, Secretary of Health & Human Services Alex Azar announced the “Ready, Set, PrEP” program in a conference call with reporters.

“The president's HIV initiative is a huge opportunity to make an impact on Americans' health and well-being,” Azar said. “We have the tools to stop the spread of HIV in its tracks. Now it's about execution.”

Azar said that the department has set up a hotline (855-447-8410) and website ( for people to sign up for the program. He said people who have no prescription drug insurance, are HIV negative, and have a valid prescription for PrEP should apply.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), an estimated 1.2 million people are at risk of contracting HIV. New infections continue at roughly 100 people per day in the United States.

Azar said that the new program would help reduce stigma around HIV by “raising rates of PrEP use, helping Americans take care of themselves and take control of their health.”

New York City recently credited its $23 million PrEP program for a dramatic drop in new HIV infections in the city. The city reported a 67 percent decline from the number of cases reported in 2001.

The cost of PrEP in the United States – nearly $2,000 a month – has been a major hurdle to expanding its adoption. The drug costs as little as $6 per month in other countries. Azar said that the government was paying $200 per bottle.