Television personality Carson Kressley spoke with LGBT glossy Advocate about turning 50.

Kressley is best known for being the fashion guy on the original Queer Eye.

In Freeform's reality gift wrap competition show Wrap Battle, Kressley judges the competitors.

“How would you rate yourself as a gift wrapper?” he was asked.

“I think I'm pretty good,” Kressley answered. “Again, I love beautiful things, and I love craftsmanship, and I love great design. Ultimately, it's about creating something beautiful for someone that you care about and making it personal and wonderful. That's what we look for, for the winner of the show.”

“With Wrap Battle and RuPaul's Drag Race and even Miss Universe, you've transitioned into a professional reality show judge.”

“I know! I know. Next stop, Supreme Court,” he said.

When asked about turning 50, Kressley said that he was grateful for being alive longer than Judy Garland.

“[T]his is going to be like the gayest answer in the world, I went to see the movie Judy [on my birthday], OK? A gay icon,” Kressley said.

“Anyway, at the end, they do those sad lines of text across the screen. We're all crying from the last number, at least me and the other gays in the theater in Palm Springs. And it says she died in June of 1969 and she was 47 years old. I was like, 'Oh, my God. I've outlived Judy Garland. She was only 47.'”

“So I thought to myself, just making it to 50, and you hear this all the time from people who reach milestones, you're so lucky to be around. Because you have friends that are no longer here or you see these icons who were so impactful in the world, and they only got 47 years. So I feel like I have another 50 to do great stuff. I'm so lucky to have made it this far.”

“I've actually had more years on the earth than Judy Garland, so think about that,” he added.