Speaking with PEOPLE to promote her work with an AIDS charity, Laverne Cox revealed that people assume she's HIV-positive because she's transgender.

The 47-year-old star of Netflix's Orange is the New Black, told the outlet that it's “insane” that people are still dying from the disease.

“It's insane that in 2019, AIDS is still an issue in a lot of parts of the world, that we have new transmissions every year,” Cox said. “It's insane to me when we can prevent it.”

“I know so many people who are living with HIV/AIDS and unfortunately far too many people who we've lost to the disease. And there's still a really crazy stigma around HIV/AIDS.”

Cox has teamed up with Band-Aid and RED for World AIDS Day, December 1, to end the epidemic.

She told the outlet that people assume that she's HIV-positive because she's a black transgender woman.

“I think so often in my experience as a Black trans woman, so often it's assumed that I'm HIV-positive,” she said. “Like when someone knows I'm trans, the conversation around HIV/AIDS comes up in a way when they don't know I'm trans, it doesn't come up. Again, it's these layers of stigma, and these are things we internalize.”

“We have to talk about stigma and shame directly to really have people understand that it's something that we have to actively fight against,” she added.