A report released Friday alleges that several ministries in Indonesia are banning pregnant, disabled, or LGBT job seekers.

Indonesia, the world's biggest Muslim majority nation, is filling some 200,000 civil service jobs nationwide.

According to global news agency AFP, Ombudsman Indonesia commissioner Ninik Rahayu's report notes that discrimination is happening in the defense and trade ministries and the attorney general's office.

“The defense ministry prohibits pregnant women from applying for a job, while the [attorney general's office] and the trade ministry ban transgender people,” Ninik told the AFP.

“[The AGO] even made a hurtful statement that said 'we only accept normal people.'”

"Banning people from applying for a job simply because they are transgender is not acceptable and is a violation of human rights," she added.

On its website, the attorney general's office refers to people who identify as LGBT as “mentally disabled,” a category prohibited from applying for a job.