In a recent interview, actress Jamie Lee Curtis said that she supports outing hypocritical politicians.

Curtis is currently promoting her latest film, Knives Out, which opens Friday.

Speaking with Michigan LGBT weekly Pride Source, Curtis said that a person's sexuality is nobody's business.

“I don't think it's anybody's business what people's sexuality is, to be perfectly honest,” the LGBT ally said. “I find it like a reverse discrimination.”

“People's private lives are their private lives and whether I've ever kissed a girl – have not – is irrelevant to whatever advocacy I participate in.”

Unless, she said, “you legislate anti-gay legislation but are gay. I fully accept outing those people for the hypocrisy.”

Curtis added that her advocacy stems from her wish to honor the lives of actor Rick Frank (Anything but Love) and his husband George Lowe, both of whom died from AIDS complications.

“That experience with both Rick and George was a galvanizing moment for me, and I have tried to honor him more than anything with trying to keep that focus,” she said.