Wearing a bedazzled one-piece bikini and sporting a plume of platinum blonde hair, RuPaul Charles made history as the first drag queen to cover Vanity Fair.

“Happy Ru Year!” the holiday cover screams. “It's RuPaul's world, and you're lucky to live in it.”

In his interview, RuPaul said that while a “superficial aspect” of drag has become mainstream, “true drag” never will because “most people … don't have the operating system to understand that duality.”

“A superficial aspect of drag is mainstream. Like, the ‘Ooh, girl’ or ‘Hey girlfriend!’ or ‘Yaaas.’ That’s mainstream culture,” RuPaul said.

“But true drag really will never be mainstream. Because true drag has to do with seeing that this world is an illusion, and that everything that you say you are and everything it says that you are on your driver’s license, it’s all an illusion.”

“Most people will never in their lives understand what that is. Because they don’t have the operating system to understand that duality,” he added.

RuPaul stars in the upcoming Netflix comedy AJ and the Queen.

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