In a video released this week, Prince Harry praises UK rugby star Gareth Thomas for tackling the stigma surrounding HIV.

The 45-year-old Thomas came out publicly as gay in 2009 and retired from the sport in 2011. In September, he announced that he's living with HIV.

In the video – produced by the UK HIV charity The Terrence Higgins Trust for HIV Testing Week – Prince Harry and Thomas discuss the misconceptions surrounding being HIV positive.

“We do so much around our health – going to the dentist, going to the doctor – but when it comes to sexual health testing there’s the stigma and fear around it,” Thomas said. “Because I wasn’t educated about HIV, I thought I had been given a death sentence when I was diagnosed and I don’t want anyone else to go through that.”

“I want to prove there’s life after a positive diagnosis and show everyone the realities of HIV.”

“I take one pill a day which keeps me healthy; means I have absolutely no fear of passing on HIV to my husband and means I’m fit enough to do an Ironman!” he added.

The Duke of Sussex praised Thomas for raising awareness and tackling the stigma surrounding HIV.

Prince Harry said that everyone should get tested to “make it easier for those that are fearful, that are scared to come forward.”