Only three people showed up for a Straight Pride event in Dallas on Saturday.

The Dallas Voice reported that two of the participants were representatives from Super Happy Fun America, which organized this summer's Boston Straight Pride Parade. While Boston's event attracted nationwide attention, counter-protesters far outnumbered participants.

Activist Soraya Colli tweeted that a member of the Dallas Proud Boys arrived “much later” for the event.

Saturday's event was organized by the group Protecting Our Next Generations (PONG), which is headed by Teresa Richenberger. Richenberger was not present on Saturday.

“We are hosting a March to bring awareness to the fact that we as the American people are allowing our values and morals to be compromised! We need to stand up and stop this from happening!!! NO MORE COMPROMISE!!!!” the group said in a Facebook post announcing the event.

“*We are strong conservative Christians who are standing up for our Biblical values.* We will be discussing: Sex/Human Trafficking; Legalized Prostitution; Marriage values (One man and one woman); Abortion (It is murder); Genders (There are only two; XX as female and XY as male); Ploys of the RADICAL left wing LGBTQ groups trying to shut down our businesses and churches; Drag Queen Story Times (Stop pushing this onto our children),” the group added.

The event, held at City Hall Plaza, was protested by about 20 members of the DFW Anti-Fascist League. About a dozen police were also present.

Richenberger complained in a Facebook post that the city “at the last minute” had “price gouged” them for permits and security. She said that the event would be postponed to a later date. The two men presumably from Super Happy Fun America said that a parade was being planned for next year in Dallas.