Appearing at a conference on Friday, Pope Francis, the spiritual leader of 1.2 billion Roman Catholics, compared homophobic, anti-Semitic politicians to Adolf Hitler.

“It is not coincidental that at times there is a resurgence of symbols typical of Nazism,” Francis said, Reuters reported.

“And I must confess to you that when I hear a speech [by] someone responsible for order or for a government, I think of speeches by Hitler in 1934, 1936.”

“With the persecutions of Jews, gypsies, and people with homosexual tendencies, today these actions are typical [and] represent 'par excellence' a culture of waste and hate. That is what was done in those days and today it is happening again,” he said.

Francis made his remarks during an international conference on criminal law held in Vatican City.

The Nazis sent millions of Jews, gays, and gypsies to extermination camps.

The pope did not explicitly name any politicians.