Writer Roxane Gay and designer Debbie Millman are engaged.

Gay, 45, is best known for her 2014 essay collection Bad Feminist, while Millman, 57, has authored six books and is the host of the podcast Design Matters.

Millman announced their engagement on Instagram.

“I met a girl who loves to write and is really into Beyoncé. We went on some dates. We fell in Love. And now she is my fiancé,” Millman wrote over several photos of the pair.

In a tweet, Gay responded: “Ahhh! Yes, I am indeed engaged to @debbiemillman! It is very exciting! Thank you ALL for the kind words and congratulations.”

According to queer blog Autostraddle, Millman pursued Gay by inviting guests onto her podcast that she knew Gay would find interesting. The bait worked and Gay agreed to appear on Millman's podcast. Afterward, Millman asked her out. And the rest is history.

“It was the first time in my life that I aggressively went after someone,” Millman said.

“And it was the first time in my life that anyone aggressively pursued me,” Gay said.