One of George Michael's sisters had denied Elton John's claim that the late singer was “uncomfortable” being gay.

Michael died at his home on Christmas Day 2016 at the age of 53. Michael was the subject of persistent rumors about his sexuality until he was forced to come out in 1998 after the British singer was arrested for lewd conduct in a Los Angeles men's room.

“He was uncomfortable in his skin about being gay even though he said he wasn't,” Elton John told The Talk co-host Sharon Osbourne last month as he promoted his memoir Me: Elton John Official Autobiography.

During an appearance on The Big Issue, Melanie Panayiotou insisted that her brother was “very proud to be gay.” “Contrary to what you may have read recently,” she added.

Elton John added that he tried and failed to get Michael to seek help for his drug addiction.