In an interview with GQ, Antoni Porowski, Queer Eye's food and wine guy, said that he didn't think he was “gay enough” to be on the reality show.

The 35-year-old Porowski is promoting the fourth season of the Netflix show and his first cookbook, Antoni in the Kitchen, which arrived last month.

Porowski explained why he prefers to label himself “fluid” or “queer” instead of gay.

“I feel like if I do refer to myself as gay, which would make it easier for people to understand sometimes, I feel like it dishonors women that I've been in love with,” he said.

I really get off on fear,” Porowski added, saying that it was a point of pride.

Part of me didn't want to go [on Queer Eye]. I was thinking, 'I'm not gay enough. I'm not enough of a chef. I'm not all of these things,'” he said.

Porowski said that he was grateful that he decided to go on the show because it gives him a platform to speak out on issues such as mental health, which he has struggled with.

“Any opportunity to advocate for mental health awareness is incredibly important because it's something that I've struggled with and I continue to struggle with, but I'm figuring it out,” he said.