A gay teacher in Florida has been fired after someone reported that she attended an LGBT Pride festival.

Monica Toro Lisciandro said that she was fired from her part-time job teaching theater at Covenant Christian School in Palm Bay after she acknowledged to administrators that she is gay.

The school questioned Lisciandro after someone called the school to report that they had seen her at an LGBT Pride festival, Florida Today reported.

“Well, it's true,” Lisciandro said that she told the school's assistant principal about her sexuality.

Lisciandro said that the school told her students that she was let go because her “morals” did not match the school's expectations.

“I want kids to see me and know that you can be a Christian and you can be gay,” she told the outlet. “You can be gay [and] you can teach at a Christian school. You don't have to feel shame about who you love, or who you are, or how you were born to be.”

Covenant Christian School is a private religious school that receives taxpayer funding through school vouchers. The school made headlines for its written policy that gay students could be expelled. That language has since been removed from the school's website.