Leslie Roberts, a co-host on CTV Morning Live in Ottawa, Canada, announced that he's gay on National Coming Out Day.

The 57-year-old Roberts came out on his own program, telling co-host Annette Goerner that he wants to live “an authentic life.”

“I am a gay man and have been since 1989,” Roberts said.

Roberts explained that he was told 30 years ago that disclosing his sexuality would be “career limiting.”

“I was told if I shared [my sexuality] publicly, it would be career limiting, if not killing” Roberts said.

“But my friends and family have always known. I have been surrounded by people I love. I was married at the time – full support there. We have a daughter,” he said, adding that his daughter told him she was “proud” that he had decided to come out publicly.

After pointing out that Roberts has been with his husband Chris for many years, Goerner asked, “So, why come out today?”

“First and foremost, the fight is not over. As we speak, conversion therapy is still legal in some provinces in our country. There are still people who are shunned,” he said, adding that anti-LGBT rhetoric remains.

An “authentic life” should be our goal, Roberts added.