In a recent interview, out singer Adam Lambert praised Cher.

Speaking with PrideSource about his fourth studio album, Velvet Side A, Lambert was asked about singing for Cher last year.

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“Last year you sang a beautiful ballad version of 'Believe' for Cher at the Kennedy Center Honors and brought her to tears,” PrideSource's Chris Azzopardi said.

“I really had an amazing time doing that. Cher is one of my heroes. Obviously, she’s an icon,” Lambert said. “She’s had, like, moments in every decade that she’s been around; it’s so undeniable, and to sing for her, what a treat. And it was such an honor.”

“I remember getting that album when I was in high school and when I finally got my first car during my senior year – I was driving the family car forever – that CD had just come out and I remember listening to it really loudly on the freeway and listening to 'Believe.' So when I got up on stage to do that, that memory came flooding back to me.”

Lambert added that when he saw the footage of Cher crying he thought: “Wow, that's pretty special.”