Speaking at the New Yorker Festival in New York City, out actor Billy Porter said that being gay sidelined his music career in the 1980s.

Porter is best known for playing Pray Tell on the FX drama Pose.

He told Saturday's audience that despite an early deal with A&M Records, his sexuality hurt his pop music career, Deadline reported.

The music industry was “hugely, violently homophobic,” he said. “It was just never about the music. It was about trying to fix myself so other people would feel comfortable around me.”

Porter said that for 13 years he was homeless and had no health insurance. In 2011, he landed the part of Belize in the Broadway revival of Angels in America. Two years later, he won a Tony playing Lola in Kinky Boots.

Porter added that his role on Pose was “the calling” in his life.