Christian conservative Scott Lively has repeated his claim that former President Barack Obama is gay.

Lively, a failed gubernatorial candidate and a vocal opponent of LGBT rights, made his claim in the course of explaining that Obama was involved in the Russian annexation of Crimea.

Lively made his comments while speaking last month to the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee, Right Wing Watch first reported.

Lively claimed that Obama intentionally fomented revolution in Ukraine in 2014 to prevent the spread throughout Eastern Europe of a Russian-style law that prohibits “gay propaganda.”

“That’s when Obama pulled the pin on the reset and [sought] to restart the Cold War intentionally,” Lively said. “Intentionally running a coup to take out the pro-Russian president in Ukraine, knowing that the Russians had absolutely no choice but to annex the Crimea … It was all so Obama could then point the finger at Russia, blame them as the aggressors, and prevent Eastern Europe from moving back over to the Russian federation because they were all going to adopt the Russian ban on gay propaganda to kids.”

“I believe Obama is a homosexual activist,” Lively added. “He’s not just pro-gay, he’s gay himself and this was the most important issue to him.”

Hunter Biden, son of former Vice President Joe Biden, then rushed in to serve as “the bag man to receive all the money because they [took] over the oil fields, the gas fields of Ukraine,” Lively said.

In 2016, prior to President Donald Trump's election, Lively said that he hoped Trump would back passage of a law similar to Russia's anti-LGBT law.

Lively is best known for writing The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party, in which he claims that Adolf Hitler was gay and that gay rights are dangerous, and his claims of having helped shape a harsh anti-gay law in Uganda which was struck down on technical grounds.