In a cover interview with the Australian edition of Harper's BAZAAR Man, singer-actor Troye Sivan said that he's still terrified of being gay.

The 24-year-old Sivan came out publicly in a 2013 YouTube video.

"Coming out as gay is one thing. And then coming out as the person you want to be is a whole other separate journey," Sivan said.

"Although I came out as gay to my family, there was still a lot I hid: the way I wanted to move, dress, speak,” he said, referring to his feminine side.

“Growing up in a society where I didn't want to be gay for the first 15 years of my life, I was terrified of it. That's still in there and I'm personally trying to work it out. I'm enjoying this process of pushing myself, figuring out, Am I into this? Am I not? There are no rules,” Sivan said.

Sivan added that he “never set out to be this gay pop idol.”

“It's never been something I've strived for,” he said.