In an interview with the BBC, out singer Adam Lambert called for reform of the electoral system.

Lambert, 37, is currently promoting his fourth studio album, Velvet: Side A.

Lambert told the BBC that “the political situation in America is terrible” and that President Donald Trump's election energized a progressive youth movement.

“People go, 'Is he going to get re-elected?' and I just feel like the chances of that are so slim, because he barely got through the first time – and that's before we realized just how bad he was going to be,” Lambert said.

“But there's problems," he said. "It's a corrupt system. The fact that they make it so hard for people of color, and so many other minority groups, to vote. It's screwed up."

"At the time the [electoral college] system was created, it needed to be that way, but we're in a different era now. It's dated.”

"I don't see why they just can't make it a square vote, where everyone in the country votes and the person with the most gets in,” he added.

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Lambert also said that the single “New Eyes” off his new album was about his new boyfriend, Javi Costa Polo.

“The new pair of eyes that came into my life are very hopeful and very positive,” he said with a smile. “There's an innocence there that I'm really drawn to. The freshness, the hunger for new experiences. I love that.”